UWV/UWK Series

Water Ring Vacuum Pump

The casing of the machine is cylindrical with control disc on either side. An eccentrically located impeller with curved blades rotates within the casing. The liquid (preferably ) introduced is set into rotary motion by the blades, thus forming the water ring concentric with the casing. Cells are formed between the ring and the blades of the impeller which vary in volume from maximum to minimum with each revolution. The conveying medium enters the working chamber through the opening in the lateral control discs and is compressed by the decrease in volume of the cells. It then flows together with the cooling through discharge opening in the control discs to the delivery port.

These machines are principally used as Vacuum Pumps. However for specific application they are also used as Compressors. The advantage of these machines is their simple construction and trouble free operation. With proper MOC it can easily handle moist air and aggressive and dust laden gases.

  • Special Features
  • Material Of Construction
  • Industrial Application
  • High quality through rigid testing as per BS 1571: Part-2: 1975 Impellers are dynamically balanced as per ISO 1940 1973 (E) G.6.3
  • Available for both Low/High vacuum applications. • Smooth, Noiseless and vibration free operation. • Proper selection of material enables to handle efficiently the
  • corrosive vapours & explosive gases. Reliable for continuous working & trouble free operation.
    1. Simple construction & easy maintenance. Compact unit due to direct drive
    2. Oll free Exhaust
  • No contamination of medium passing through. Prompt service & spares with ex-stock.
  • Graded Cast Iron conforming to IS. Standard
  • Phosphorous Bronze
  • SS-304
  • SS-316
  • SS-316L
  • Rubber Lined
  • S.G. Iron
  • Cast Steel
  • Alloy 20
  • As per Customers Requirment & Applications

    USHA Pumps are used primarly for the following major applications: Vacuum Filteration Vacuum Distillation Moisture Extraction Solvent Recovery Priming Vacuum Brake testing in Railways. Pneumatic-Conveying Evaporation Deaeration Vacuum Condensation • Drying Systems Extruder Venting

    Products Range :

    •   Suction Capacity upto 5000 M3 / Hr.
    •   Vacuum upto 710mm of Hg(G)

    USHA COMPRESSORS is an International engineering, design and manufacturing company with over four decades of experience, providing the highest quality, positive displacement & centrifugal blowers along with vacuum pump products, for the global market. Our company and its products are recognized, as a world leader, exporting worldwide. We are very pleased to provide one of the largest capacity ranges of blowers and vacuum pumps.

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