Mechanical Vacuum Booster

We design and manufacture premium quality Mechanical Vacuum Boosters.

This is an ideal vacuum systems for re-used oil distillation.The design and construction of vacuum booster compressor involves two counter rotating impellers with a special contour.

These rotate with a very finite and sharp clearance and without any physical contact. Variance in design offers Twin or Tri lobe Booster in air cooled or water cooled execution.

The Boosters are designed to handle vapors and gases at lower specific power consumption. They offer precise and constant volume displacement at rated condition.Mechanical Vacuum Boosters

The complete system combo pack is designed with Booster at the core and connected with other equipments like Primary Pump, Condensers, Filters, Valves, Drive and Instrumentation to function in desired mode. This covers the wide spectrum of Vacuum between 10 to 10-3 mbar.

Products Range :

•   High displacement and vacuum from 50 Torr

USHA COMPRESSORS is an International engineering, design and manufacturing company with over four decades of experience, providing the highest quality, positive displacement & centrifugal blowers along with vacuum pump products, for the global market. Our company and its products are recognized, as a world leader, exporting worldwide. We are very pleased to provide one of the largest capacity ranges of blowers and vacuum pumps.

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