DVP Series

Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

Usha Dry Exhauster has an exclusive discharge jet design which allows atomospheric air to a flow in to the casing. This unique design permits continuous operation at high vacuum levels to blank off with single stage unit, without water cooling /injection.

Standard Dry Exhauster is limited to 500Mbar vacuum because operation at higher vacuum level can cause extreme discharge temperature resulting casing, impeller distortion and lubrication failure and seizing. The Usha DVP series cooling design eliminate the problem causing by higher temperature at vacuum level beyond 500Mbar.

Usha DVP series Exhausters are heavy urds with forged steel shaft press fitted to FG-300 grade grey cast iron Impellers. The casing, Casing Head Plate, oil covers (sump) are of higher grade grey cast iron. Case hardened and ground alloy steel helical timing gears are mounted on the shaft with key and hub arrangement. Which is the most reliable locking arrangement.

Bearing are heavy duty antifriction bearing and are splash lubricated by gear/oil flinger at both ends. The drive end piston ring shaft with oil preventive disc and lip-type oil seals are used to restrict oil leakage in to air stream.

Products Range :

•   Suction Capacity upto 8500 M3 / Hr.
•   Vaccume Upto 0.9 bar (g)

USHA COMPRESSORS is an International engineering, design and manufacturing company with over four decades of experience, providing the highest quality, positive displacement & centrifugal blowers along with vacuum pump products, for the global market. Our company and its products are recognized, as a world leader, exporting worldwide. We are very pleased to provide one of the largest capacity ranges of blowers and vacuum pumps.

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