Shortly once the lady memory are deleted, Kana leftover new Sohma’s head house to help go after the lady job

Hatori along with then followed Akito’s idea correctly and you can abstained out of getting together with Kana ever again. On account of losing his precious, he turned distant once more and you can attempts to end anyone else off are harm including he had been. [2] [6]

First 12 months Arc

Hatori is actually first seen seeing Kaibara Municipal High school also Momiji to look at Yuki, as he had been bypassing their regime glance at-ups. Due to the dress Yuki was developed to put on, Hatori was required to get your in order to undress, best other children to think that they were a gay few. Simply shortly after Yuki explained one to Hatori are a great dily did the newest anyone else beginning to see. Hatori as well as colleagues himself with Tohru. Later, into the school rooftop, Hatori cunningly takes an image of Yuki and Kyo at the Akito’s consult and renders which have Momiji. Because they exit, Yuki alerts Tohru not to end up being alone that have Hatori when he is the doctor just who wipes people’s memories. Yet not, Tohru is known as towards school’s work environment by the Hatori to dicuss which have him, where the guy invites the girl towards the Sohma members of the family estate just like the the guy planned to speak about something important together. [8]

The next day, Tohru gets to brand new Sohma house in which she’s greeted by Hatori and you will Momiji. Hatori advises Tohru to cease accompanying toward Sohma family lest she gets burdened of the loved ones curse. When Hatori simply leaves the area to resolve new going to Shigure, Momiji states that Hatori had to wipe the new memories out-of their reference to Kana, and you may doesn’t want Tohru so you’re able to experience in the same way. Tohru initiate crying over just how caring Hatori is, assuming Hatori return which have Shigure, the guy offers right back the digital camera in the university event and you will apologizes to help you Tohru in making their scream. Tohru grins brightly, getting a grin for the Hatori’s face as well. [2]

A short while after new many years, Hatori bumps into the Tohru when you find yourself walking around the urban area. It converse to own sometime, but once the latest snow initiate losing, Tohru falls down explanations Hatori in order to instinctively connect their, flipping him on good seahorse. Tohru’s reaction to seeing Hatori’s zodiac creature, as in unsure whether to put a great seahorse within the saltwater otherwise freshwater, can make your knows that her effect is just like Kana’s is actually. Hatori in the future wakes up about cold and you may Tohru offers to pick him an enjoying take in. When he magic as to why he previously dreamt out of Kana, he hears the girl going by and you can informing her family relations one she gets married that will be deeply in love with the girl new lover, and make Hatori happy one to she’s managed to move on. Whenever Tohru comes back, Hatori asks Tohru what will happen so you’re able to snow whenever melts, to which she only responses that “spring comes”, an identical respond to Kana offered. Tohru’s generosity can make Hatori realize that despite how hard lifetime will get getting, it will get better. [6]

Next Seasons Arc

While in the spring the second 12 months, Shigure provides Hatori, Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo toward Sohmas’ lakeside family to possess a primary vacation. Even in the event Hatori deduces that Shigure really wants to tease their publisher, it’s indicated that Shigure wants Hatori to go to the from Kana, whose marriage to a different man occurred really has just. Ayame crashes the vacation the very next day, and you can states Kana’s wedding and said one Mayuko had offered your photo of relationship. Shigure including conveys he hopes you to definitely Hatori find another lady that will generate your pleased eg not one. Hatori believes it sounds absurd, because world was cut to Mayuko gazing during the photo off herself and you may Kana at her wedding, with a photo away from Hatori the lower. [3]

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