Vacuum & Pump Division

Usha Compressors is the leading Company in India supplying various state of Art best engineered product with respect to the industrial requirement of Vacuum Application
Usha Vacuum Division is cratering to various requirement of the customer in terms of small to very high capacity and various Vacuum range depending upon the requirement of the customers process application

Usha Compressor, has continued to grow. From its humble beginnings to an international supplier of high quality products. To be the best global company for various vacuum application requirement of the market

Liquid Ring Vacuum

Our liquid ring vacuum pump design was the first-of-its-kind at the turn of the 20th century and has been an industry leader ever since.

Water Ring
Vacuum Pump

These machines are principally used as Vacuum Pumps. However for specific application they are also used as Compressors.

Dry Screw
Vacuum Pump

 This unique design permits continuous operation at high vacuum levels to blank off with single stage unit, without water cooling /injection.

Vacuum Systems
and Packages

The system consists of backup pump with vacuum boosters, condensers, gauges, switches, starter panels etc.

Mechanical Vacuum

We design and manufacture premium quality Mechanical Vacuum Boosters. This is an ideal vacuum systems for re-used oil distillation.

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