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Turbo Blowers & Compressors

Turbo blower UNX series, which was developed born form the state-of-the-art aerospace technologies only Neuros, is a masterpiece boasting the highest performance and excellent reliability. The Combination of highly efficient impeller, air bearing and PMSM guarantees the highest performance as well as eco-friendly and user-friendly.

UNX Series is widely applied to industrial process, water and waste water treatment, due to various operating point that customer need all over the world.this is why customer admits the turbo blower NX series is the best

Products Range :

•   Suction Capacity upto 40000 M3 / Hr.
•   Pressure Upto 2.5 bar ‘g’

USHA COMPRESSORS is an International engineering, design and manufacturing company with over four decades of experience, providing the highest quality, positive displacement & centrifugal blowers along with vacuum pump products, for the global market. Our company and its products are recognized, as a world leader, exporting worldwide. We are very pleased to provide one of the largest capacity ranges of blowers and vacuum pumps.

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