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Quality assurance of products is the most important aspect of any organisation. We have adopted strict quality control measures for assuring best quality products to our clients

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Usha Compressors applies suitable methods for determining which aspects of the quality management system and its processes are to be monitored, measured and evaluated. The frequency and methods by which our processes are monitored, measured and evaluated is determined and informed by:

Statutory and regulatory requirements

Customer feedback and specification requirements

Process and QMS requirements

Process performance and audit results

Level of risk and types of control measure

Trends in non-conformities or corrective actions

Criticality for product conformity

All monitoring, measuring and evaluation outputs are documented and analyzed to determine process effectiveness and to ensure their effectiveness in achieving in-tolerance results, and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Where applicable, test and inspection records are retained as documented information for a minimum of three years. This documented information includes derails of the final inspection authority to confirm that all critical parameters were in accordance with established requirements and specifications.

In-process checks relate to both quality control and productivity checks

Provision is made for the identification and resolution of non-conformances

The emphasis is to prevent any problems which might affect customer satisfaction

In-process checks are performed and documented

Where specific inspection points are required these are identified at the contract planning phase.

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